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  1. AI Mayhem Hackathon Bengaluru


    We are organizing the AI Mayhem Hackathon in Bengaluru this weekend! Come meet with some of the most accomplished AI engineers in the city and hack along with them!


     Link to Event 

  2. Codestral Available on Portkey


    Mistral AI's new Codestral model is accessible over 2 endpoints now - & the regular Mistral endpoint

    Using Portkey, you can start routing your requests to both the endpoints easily!

    Try it out now: Link to docs  

  3. Deploy Portkey in Your Cloud

    New Feature

    We're excited to announce that Portkey now offers seamless deployment options for enterprise customers, allowing you to host and manage Portkey within your own cloud infrastructure. Portkey is designed from the ground up to meet the needs of large-scale, mission-critical organizations that require full control, security, and compliance.


    Flexible Deployment Options

    Portkey supports a wide range of cloud platforms, making it easy to integrate with your existing infrastructure:

    • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
    • Microsoft Azure
    • Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
    • Cloudflare Workers
    • F5 App Stack

    Whether you're running on public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid environments, Portkey adapts to your deployment preferences.


    Scalable Architecture

    Portkey's architecture is designed to scale effortlessly, ensuring reliable performance even under heavy loads. By separating the data plane and control plane, Portkey allows you to independently scale and optimize each component based on your specific requirements.

    Portkey architecture comprises of:

    Data Plane (In Customer VPC):

    The data plane resides within your own Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), ensuring that your data remains secure and isolated. It hosts the AI gateway, which handles the processing of API requests and responses. The data plane includes:

    • AI Gateway: The core component that routes and processes API requests to the appropriate AI models or services.
    • Attached Cache: A high-performance caching layer that stores frequently accessed data, reducing latency and improving response times.
    • Optional Log Store: A dedicated storage system for capturing and storing detailed logs of API requests and responses. You can choose to host the log store within your VPC for added security and control.

    The data plane can be horizontally scaled to handle increased traffic, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

    Control Plane (In Portkey VPC):

    The control plane is hosted within Portkey's secure VPC, providing a centralized management and monitoring interface for your Portkey deployment. It includes:

    • Control Panel UI: A user-friendly web interface that allows you to configure and manage your Portkey deployment, define policies, and monitor performance metrics.
    • Metrics Store: A scalable storage system that collects and aggregates various performance metrics from the data plane, enabling real-time monitoring and analytics.
    • Transactional Database: A reliable and consistent database that stores configuration data, user information, and other critical metadata required for the functioning of the control plane.
    • Optional Log Store: If you choose to host the log store within Portkey's VPC, it will be part of the control plane, providing a centralized location for log aggregation and analysis.

    The control plane ensures the smooth operation and governance of your Portkey deployment while abstracting away the complexities of infrastructure management.

     To learn more about Portkey's data plane and control plane architecture, click here. 


    Enhanced Security and Compliance

    By deploying Portkey in your own cloud, you gain complete control over data security, privacy, and compliance. Your sensitive data remains within your trusted environment, adhering to your organization's security policies and regulatory requirements.

    Portkey provides comprehensive security features, including:

    • Secure API key management
    • Granular access controls
    • Encryption of data at rest and in transit
    • Audit logging and monitoring

    With Portkey, you can confidently integrate AI capabilities into your applications while maintaining the highest standards of security and compliance.


    Getting Started

    To get started with deploying Portkey in your cloud, schedule a call with us directly here.

  4. Access Control Management for your Org

    New Feature
    CleanShot 2024-05-29 at 17.25.57@2x

    Portkey's Enterprise offering now provides a robust and flexible access control management system that enables you to safeguard your sensitive information while empowering your teams to collaborate effectively.

    Here's what's included:

    1. With Portkey's multi-tenant architecture you can create multiple organizations, each serving as a secure and isolated environment for your teams or projects
    2. Implement RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) to define and assign user roles with granular permissions.
    3. Create and manage multiple Portkey API keys with fine-grained permissions for READ/WRITE across all Portkey APIs

     Explore Docs here 



  5. Portkey at the AI Dev Summit in SF


    Catch Portkey CTO Ayush Garg at the AI Dev Summit in SF this week. He'll be speaking about "How do we get the confidence to launch LLM Apps to Production?".

     Event Page 


  6. Portkey Enterprise Docs


    We've revamped our Enterprise Documentation - detailing user roles, key management, and app permissions.

    If you are considering Portkey's Enterprise Plan, check out this documentation to get a clear idea of how Portkey can support your organization.

     Docs here.